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Radiation bearing refractory materials are used to make refractory products. Finest quality refractory materials are required for the crafting of refractory products. To form monolithic refractory materials any aggregate can be potentially used. Refractory materials are often naturally occurring aggregates or alumina based cements. They are commonly selected on the basis of their corrosion resistance, stability in high temperature and mechanical strength. Refractories in Indian have been changed drastically and developed newer and improved techniques and methods for crafting refractory products. Refractory company use certain refractory aggregates in refractory processes. Some of them include Bauxite, Calcined and Sintered Alumina, Fused Alumina, Fused Bubble Alumina, Chamotte, Vermiculite etc.

One of the refractory aggregates Bauxite is an ore which include Gibbsite or Boehmite. This aggregate is calcined in a rotary kiln to produce mullite, material made corundum and glassy phase. The Calcined aluminas feature low level impurity when they are processed by employing the Bayer method. Fused aluminas are tended to present in Refractories which are brought out to extremely severe conditions. Fused Bubble Alumina is another type of refractory aggregate which is used for high temperature insulating in monolithic Refractories. Chamotte are the refractory aggregate created from clay and is formed to the point of no further shrinkage.

Yet another refractory aggregate is Vermiculite which is similar to mica and features 3 layered structure. There are several types of Refractories such as plastic Refractories and Slide Gate Refractories. Arora Refractories offer superior quality refractory products at reasonable rates. High corrosion resistance and great quality are the major reasons for the utmost demand of our refractory products in the world market.



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