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Refractory materials are the one which holds back its strength at high temperatures. They are the non-metallic materials bearing those physical and chemical properties which made them relevant for structures and they are exhibited to environments above 1000 °F (800K, 500 °C). These materials are employed in the linings for kilns, furnaces, reactors and incinerators. Refractory materials are also employed to create crucibles. Refractory materials should be physically and chemically constant at elevated temperatures. They continue resistant to thermal shock depending on the operating environment.Refractory materials have particular arrays of thermal conductivity and constant thermal expansion.

Major materials used for the making up of Refractories include oxides of aluminium, magnesium and silicon. Oxide of calcium and fireclays are also employed for refractory manufacturing. Refractories are selected as per the circumstances they are going to face. Certain applications need exceptional refractory materials. Zirconia is employed when the materials must resist very high temperatures. Carbon and silicon carbon are the two refractory materials employed in hard temperature conditions. But these materials cannot be employed in touch of oxygen because they will oxidate and burn.

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