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Castable manufacturer makes quality castables using most modern technologies and methods. Commonly used as well as widely popular technique is submicron powder technology. Micro powder is employed as binder and the aluminate cement is used as coagulation accelerator. Certain kind of antidetonant and water reducers is also added in the production of Low Cement Castables. While comparing with common castables, low cement castables posses certain unique features and characteristics. The calcium content is low in this type of castables when compared with common castables. Low cement castables have less capacity to absorb fluids and own high density.

The intensity of low cement castables will be maximized than common castable after its exposure to different extremes of temperature. Low cement castables feature fair volume stability even in high temperature. Low cement castables are used as materials for industries like metallurgy, chemical, petroleum etc. They are also used as parts of refining installation, for example ladle cover. Low cement castables can be inserted in the roof of the kiln. There are different types of castables such as common castables, insulating castables and low cement castables.

Arora Refractories offer superoir grade castables for different kinds of needs at affordable rates. Core team of Arora Refractories is proficient and efficient in their particular field for their products bring international fame to them. Incredible team of Arora Refractories work round the clock to make excellent castables featuring good volume of density, low cement dosage and low porosity. Arora Refractories is the leading castables manufactures offering different types of high quality castables at affordable rates.



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