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Major Applications


Power Plants
Boilers, Steam Pipelines, Exhaust Ducts of Gas Based Plants, Turbines, Fuel Oil Lines & Chimney.
Fertilizer, Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Reformer, Gas Cracker, Heater, Ducts, Boiler, Steam Pipelines & Process Pipelines.
Iron & Steel Industry Blast Furnace Shaft, Stoves & Bustle Pipe, Soaking Pits, Reheat and Annealing Furnaces, Waste Heat
Boiler, Roof Top & Regenerator Shields of Coke Oven Batteries & Lime Kiln, Hot-Air & Flue Gas Ducts.
Sponge Iron Gas Based Reformer, Desulphuriser Vessel, Hot-Air & Flue Gas Ducts & Waste Heat Recovery System.
Cement Industry Preheater Cyclones, Precalcinator, Kiln Riser Duct, Firing hood, Grate-Cooler, Tertiary Air-Duct, Flue-
Gas Ducts & E.S.P.
Aluminium Industry Reduction Cells (Pots), Soaking Pits, Homogenizing and Holding Furnaces/Alumina Calciner.
Furnaces Heat Treatment & Reheating.
Ceramic & Glassware Tunnel Kiln, Glass Melting Furnaces, Regenerator & Annealing Lehrs.
Sugar Boiler, Steam Pipelines & Process Pipelines.

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