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Bricks are the blocks of ceramic materials commonly used in masonry construction. Bricks can be created from shale, clay, calcium silicate, soft slate, concrete or can be shaped from quarried stone. Clay is the common raw-material for bricks and three processes are made to get good clay for bricks- soft mud, dry press or extruded. There are several bricks which can be made using different types of raw materials and staples. Such well popular bricks are Fire bricks, High Heat Duty Bricks, High Alumina Bricks, Insulating Bricks, Magnesia Carbon Bricks and do forth.

Fire bricks are designed for fireplaces as they last for longer than other kind of materials. Fire bricks are stalwart, durable and highly affordable. High Alumina Bricks are made from alumina raw materials like bauxite and diaspore. During firing, these bricks pull out large amount of mullite which is used for load conditions or severe temperatures. Insulating bricks are light weight bricks bearing high heat resistant and great durability. Insulating bricks are made upon various specifications and grades and they also include high alumina content. Insulating bricks are generally used for glass plant furnaces and boilers because they offer perfect insulation from heat.

Another type of Magnesia Carbon Bricks are created by fusing magnesia clinkers of high quality graphite and great purity. Magnesia carbon bricks feature bigger corrosion impedance against basic slang and great thermal spalling impedance against rapid cooling and beating. These bricks have high demand in global markets as inner materials in arc furnace, converts and ladles. Arora Refractories make high quality basic bricks and Special Bricks for Glass Industries at affordable rates. Our proficient team efficiently craft high quality bricks which last for many years to come.



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